A downloadable rulebook expansion

(NOTE: FANMADE CONTENT. I am not associated with Lucasfilm and this content intends no challenge to their various copyrights)

The SPECIAL RULES Book is a compendium of expansion content, to be used with the STAR WARS QUEST Rulebook. Its contents provide further options for advanced gameplay and character building. 

65 page Rulebook Expansion Includes:

- Advanced Lightsaber Combat with dozens of special moves and forms

- Advanced Starship Combat Rules

- 30+ forms of Bounty Hunter Armor and Body Gear

- 45+ Droid Types and Systems

- 40+ Weapons and Gear Types

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS: You'll see that several of the sections in this book are missing or incomplete. 

Install instructions

This rulebook expansion is in PDF format. Feel free to print it out.



STAR WARS QUEST Special Rules Book .pdf 6 MB